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首頁 / 媒體中心 / The autoclave feeding success, each project strive to be the first

The autoclave feeding success, each project strive to be the first

發布日期:2021年 05月 10日 訪問次數:3029次

HPAL autoclave first commissioning trial production

ygend HAPL each Project Be the first to catch up


At 10:00 am, April 27, 2021, Indonesia Eastern Time, Lygend Indonesia OBI project 1# autoclave commissioning trial production success!This marks a step closer to full success of the 28-month HPAL wet process project, with the first batch of finished nickel-cobalt hydroxide expected to be produced in mid-May.


Since March 15, when the first batch of raw ore was successfully discharging and President Jiang Xinfang landed on the island, all the staff of HPAL project entered into the state of battle against the dawn of victory. Production and technical staff have been working day and night to inspect and debug the equipment repeatedly.Project construction staff burning the midnight oil to fight for the progress of the project;The management and expert team of the company worked hard at night to perfect the test plan....Drived by the HPAL project, the Lygend OBI Island RKEF project, the supporting power plant project, the nickel sulfate project and the dock project are also accelerated in an all-round way.Obi Island shows a situation of working together to catch up with projects, chasing each other to catch up with the progress, which sets off a wave of high tide of promoting production and catching up with construction.


In addition to holding various HPAL trial production meetings and in-depth understanding of the wet process bidding sections, Jiang Xinfang, president of Lygend Resources and general commander of OBI project, also inspected other projects of Lygend OBI Island and held on-site work to solve the problems encountered in the project construction.



Hold pilot production preparation meeting on site


Inspect fire RKEF project

On April 18th, accompanied by Zhang Baodong, deputy general manager of OBI project and HPAL&HJF site general manager, Li Xiang, director of RKEF project and deputy general manager of HJF site, and leaders of related construction partners, President Jiang Xinfang inspected the RKEF project.Sure jiang RKEF project construction this year, especially 3, line 4, the main process (-arc furnace, rotary kiln, drying kiln, electric dust collector, batching station) underground foundation completed progress, and put forward the approach to plan the next step ahead of the steel structure and equipment work, strive to 3, line 4 have requirement of furnace building at the end of this year, in March next year and put into production;Line 1 and Line 2 will be ready for furnace construction in February next year, and will be initially put into production in May next year.



Inspection of power plant work

On April 18th and 19th, Mr. Jiang, accompanied by the general manager of OBI power plant, Wang Biao, deputy general manager of HJF site, and leaders of related construction partners, inspected the RKEF power plant project and the wet process power plant.General Manager Jiang expressed his appreciation for RKEF's supporting 150MW*4 power plant project, which adopts the practice of simultaneous construction of two bidding sections and overtaking the study. He also gave some guiding suggestions for solving the problems that restrict the progress of the power plant project, such as the steel structure, and required the RKEF power plant to ensure the construction progress and prepare power supply in advance for the commissioning of the RKEF project.At the same time, General Manager Jiang affirmed the system construction and production management work of the wet process power plant from the construction stage to the production stage, and encouraged the wet process power plant to ensure safe operation and provide stable power guarantee for HPAL production.


Inspection of Wharf

On April 22, now in Jakarta, OBI wharf project leader, assistant general manager of the joint procurement logistics department minister, HPAL field Hu Honggen, vice minister of construction management, HJF civil minister Chen Liwei, and related construction cooperation unit leadership accompanied by separately inspected the HPAL issue of terminal, the second phase of a cargo wharf and HJF coal unloading and nickel ore terminals.Jiang for OBI project material throughput of HPAL issue of terminals play an important role in said sure, listen to the second phase of a cargo wharf and HJF coal unloading and nickel ore terminal engineering report, request HPAL phase ii break-bulk pier platform for port shore, at the end of October, HJF coal unloading and nickel ore terminals efforts to move forward to ensure operation at an early date.



To inspect the work of nickel sulfate project

On April 24th, Jiang Zong inspected the Nickel Sulfate Project site accompanied by OBI Nickel Sulfate Project Leader Zhang Lei and leaders of related construction partners.Jiang Zong praised the indomitable spirit of the nickel sulfate project, which was started twice, and required the construction unit to speed up the procurement and delivery of relevant materials, set a new construction schedule, strengthen the strength of the site management team, organize construction personnel to go to the island in time, so as to ensure the commissioning and trial production at the beginning of next year.



Visit TBP

In order to thank TBP for its sincere and strong support since the start of the HPAL project, on April 21st, General Manager Jiang led General Manager Zhang Baodong, Deputy General Manager of OBI Project and Deputy General Manager of HJF site Yu Hai and related management of the company visited General Manager Pak Younsel of TBP.General Manager Jiang first reviewed the assistance given by TBP to HPAL during the difficult start-up period in Obi Island and expressed his sincere thanks to Pak Younsel.We had an in-depth exchange of views with Pak Younsel on the supply of ore during HPAL pilot production, and Pak Younsel made it clear that the highest quality ore would be supplied to support HPAL pilot production.After the talks, Mr. Jiang and Mr. Pak Younsel went to the TBP camp in Loji Lake for inspection.During the inspection, Jiang asked Yu Hai to personally do a good job of LOJI also built camp work, list Ming and Qing Dynasties list, indicate the node, complete the camp construction as soon as possible, meet the living conditions, to ensure the housing security of the follow-up project.


During his stay in the island, Mr. Jiang also visited the management of HPAL and HJF, as well as leaders of project design, supervision and construction units on behalf of Chairman Cai Jianyong of Lygend Resources.General Manager Jiang thanked all of you for coming across the ocean to build the Lygend OBI nickel-cobalt project during the epidemic period, and described the vision blueprint of Lygend in Obi Island to you.We hope that all the hardworking employees will continue to adhere to the belief of "striving for excellence, diligence without end", uphold the spirit of "One Belt And One Road" initiative, and follow the plan of integrating industry and people's livelihood to achieve efficient, green and sustainable development in OBI Island, and build a happy home together with local people!





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