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首頁 / 媒體中心 / The first batch of MHP products are rolling off the production line from Lygend HPAL project in OB Island Indonesia

The first batch of MHP products are rolling off the production line from Lygend HPAL project in OB Island Indonesia

發布日期:2021年 05月 26日 訪問次數:3833次

At 9:00 am, May 19, 2021, Indonesia Eastern Time, the grand commissioning ceremony and the first batch of cobalt-nickel-hydroxide products were held at the site of HPAL project in Obi Island, Indonesia.  So far, the total investment of $1.05 billion Lygend HPAL project officially declared production! 


he ceremony was attended by:  Pt. Halmahera Persada Lygend, Pt. Halmahera Jaya  FERONIKEL, China well Philippines engineering technology co., LTD., China chemical engineering construction co., LTD. 6 treasure smelting Indonesia branch, Shanghai metallurgical engineering co., LTD., China in turbine group in jiangxi province electric power construction co., LTD., Indonesia rich east construction co., LTD., zhejiang branch macro sadie engineering consulting co., LTD., co., LTD., chongqing Jiang Xijiang international engineering co., LTD  Chinese and Indian leaders and staff representatives of the proprietors, design, construction, supervision and friendly units such as Jiangsu Qingfeng Engineering Group Co., Ltd., Indonesia TBP.  


The ceremony was presided over by Zhang Baodong, executive deputy director of OBI project and general manager of HPAL&HJF site.  He Zhibiao LiuJian project manager, treasure smelting project manager He Hengguang, jiangxi in turbine XiaoGuoZhong, rich eastern Indonesia branch general manager assistant project manager jiang-tao zhao represent the construction unit, we have reviewed the outbreak of war with their respective units and owner, through eventful days and combat the friendship, for Rio frequently Indonesia HPAL the success of the project put into production expressed warm congratulations!  Then Lu Yeda, technical director of Enfei, made a speech on behalf of the design company. Lu Zong said that the project created the industry record of the shortest construction and production time.  According to the process technical indexes and operating parameters already achieved, we have every reason to believe that this project will achieve the record of the fastest production reaching the standard in the industry and create more miracles!  Mr. Chen Zai, director of CCID project, made a speech on behalf of the supervision unit. Mr. Chen affirmed that the HPAL project had achieved safe construction and civilized construction, and he was full of confidence in the project quality.  


Mr. Pak Tonny, Minister of  Indonesian partner and Director of HPAL Company, sent congratulations from Indonesian shareholders. As the first project in Indonesia to successfully use wet process to extract and process laterite nickel ore, Oi Island HPAL project was built in the face of the epidemic. He expressed his sincere admiration and joy.  The success of the HPAL project is the crystallization of the cooperation and the sublimation of the friendship between Indonesian partner and the Lygend Group.  Pak Rico, the top Indian leader of PT.HPAL, also made a speech. Pak Rico said that he was very happy to participate in the construction process of the HPAL project  


JIANG XINFANG, GENERAL COMMANDER OF OBI PROJECT AND PRESIDENT OF Lygend, DELIVERED A SUMMING SPEECH.  Mr. Jiang reviewed the difficult construction process of the HPAL project, thanked all the shareholders, partners and friendly partners for their care and support, and all the Chinese and Indian employees for their dedication, looked forward to the market advantages and industry prospects of HPAL after it was put into operation, and introduced the other projects that will be invested and constructed in Obi Island after the HPAL project.  Describes the beautiful blueprint of OBI town with high integration of industry and community in the future.  

After that, we visited the related workshops and operating areas of HPAL factory along the production line to understand the production process of the products, and finally stopped in the MHP finished product packaging plant.  Under the announcement of Mr. Jiang, we all witnessed the success of the first batch of Nickel and Cobalt Hydroxide products of Lygend Indonesia Obi Island HPAL project!  

Speech by General Manager Jiang  

Speech at the commissioning ceremony on May 19  

Good morning, leaders of cooperation units and all Chinese and Indian builders of OBI project!  

Today we are gathered here to witness the completion and operation of PT.HPAL project!  On December 20, 2019, we stood in the same spot, witnessing the installation of the first autoclave.  From that moment, it was predicted that PT Halmahera Persada Lygend would be the first company in Indonesia to use the high pressure acid leaching process of laterite nickel ore to produce cathode materials for power batteries for new energy vehicles.  Today, we are making this blueprint a reality, and each participant is making history with their own hands!  

However, the construction process of the project was not smooth sailing.  In the past 17 months, we have experienced the worst COVID-19 in a century. People's access to COVID-19 was halted and transport of goods and machinery was difficult.  The fear of the epidemic disrupted the pace of construction, and the excessively long rainy season aggravated the mud on the site.  These are a serious drag on the project schedule.  However, what makes us extremely proud is that, while strictly preventing and controlling the epidemic and zero infection on site, we mobilized all possible forces through the means of project charter plane, video conference and so on, overcame heavy difficulties, and still achieved successful production first!  Even though the outbreak delayed construction by an additional 9 months, compared to similar projects in the industry, our construction speed set a new industry record!  

Here, I must thank Mr. Lin of Indonesian partner and Mr. Cai of Lygend  Group for their unreserved support of OBI project!  Thank Enfei, Baoye, Hua Liu Construction, Jiangxi Power Construction, Fudong, Kehong, CIDI, Jianglian, Qingfeng and other cooperative units to stand together with us through thick and thin!  Thanks to TBP and MSP for their great help!  Thank you to all the Chinese and Indian staff in Jakarta, Ningbo, Shanghai and OBI site for working together!  In particular, I would like to thank all the Chinese employees in the island, represented by Zhang Baodong, who brave the risk of the epidemic and travel across the ocean to build OBI project. It is your fearless, tenacious and excellent spirit that has promoted the process of HPAL project until today's successful operation!  

At present, our main equipment running in good condition, the initial running of system has the ability to meet or exceed design index, with the acceleration of production release and rapid reaches producing, our first batch of cobalt nickel hydroxide products will soon be shipped to China, and gradually into the global market, and in the field of new energy car battery materials,  We will have a place!  To the success of the project put into production as the forerunner, the production scale, the manufacturing cost and the advantage of low carbon high pressure acid leaching project will accelerate new energy electric vehicles to replace the traditional process of fuel cars, more firmly in the ternary lithium battery power battery lead, help to reduce global carbon emissions targets as soon as possible.  

The HPAL project will also be one of the successful examples of the "Belt And Road" project jointly built by China and Indonesia, and a successful practice of complementarity and win-win cooperation between China's advanced manufacturing technology and Indonesia's rich resources.  Building on the success of the HPAL project, Indonesian partner and Lygend Resources will continue to build other projects on Obi Island, such as the Wet Process Phase II of the high pressure acid leaching industry extension, the Nickel Sulfate, the precursor, the cathode material project, the RKEF pyrometallurgical project and the supporting stainless steel project.  Smelting projects of comprehensive utilization of surface low-grade ore and smelting tailings, and other supporting projects to give full play to the complementary advantages of energy and resources in the park, etc., so as to realize all-round recycling of laterite nickel ore resources in Obi Island.  

While building industrial projects, we pay attention to the coordinated development of project development with the construction of living facilities and surrounding communities.  At present, our staff have basically moved into the permanent camp of high standard, and I believe all of you have experienced the happiness of moving to a new house.  At the same time, the Kawasi resettlement project is progressing steadily, and the new community will greatly improve the living standard of the local residents.  In the next 10 years, according to the concept of "building our common home" and the professional planning scheme, we will gradually build a community including hospitals, schools, places of religion, shopping malls, supermarkets, airports and ports on OBI Island, and strive to build OBI into a new town with complete supporting facilities, livable environment and humanistic characteristics.  Let our Chinese and Indian employees can root in OBI, work at ease and live a happy life!  Also let the surrounding residents can share the fruits of our development!  

Long live China-India friendship!  Wish all staff and friends health and happiness!  Thank you very much!  





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