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Segment III, Blooming in Silence

發布日期:2020年 10月 27日 訪問次數:3072次

Author: Zhao Guangming

In October, the sky of OBI island is low and the setting sun is beautiful. In this tiny red soil, the fire umbrella is high, and the nickel cobalt wet process project of Liqin Obi island is in full swing.

During the epidemic period, there was a lack of key personnel to provide technical guidance, and it was difficult for domestic and foreign personnel to communicate with each other. In addition, the weather was not good, the road conditions were poor, and the construction progress was slow. At this difficult time, the three standard on-the-job personnel emerged only calm, witty, calm. On the basis of strict prevention and control of the epidemic situation and implementation of the main responsibility of the post, the upper and lower staff of the workshop have always made great strides towards the goal of the first stage production.

In the early stage of the third bid construction, the site conditions are not available, there are many difficulties in the project, and the construction period is tight. Both Party A and Party B are not impatient and seek progress in stability. There are technical discussions from time to time. Active exchanges and discussions are made on the controversial, unclear and difficult projects. The views of both parties are compared and analyzed, and better schemes and measures are formulated to make the site construction busy and orderly. The original intention of the current three standards is to grasp the project progress and make every effort to ensure the quality of the responsible projects. In many cases, it is also an important node of the third bid project.

The elevation of 208 is low, and the ponding ditch is full of trenches, and the east slope protection has been washed away by rain for a long time. After several leveling of the site, assembly and riveting of the bridge, acceptance of the supporting column, and early submission of the hoisting scheme, all the work is ready. On July 1, site general manager Zhang Baodong, deputy general manager Wang Xishun, technical chief engineer Cao Yongjian, saidI director Chen Zai, Baoye project manager he Hengguang and technical chief engineer Chi Zhiwei arrived at the site to command the bridge hoisting work smoothly. The 100 ton crane stands in the same position, and the East and West horizontal crane is hoisted, and the crane workers are both in the battle to draw the north and the south. Under the common attention of all the on-site personnel, the crane led the bridge slowly to leave the ground and sent it vertically to the top of the first thickener in the plant area.


208 nickel cobalt thickener

Autoclave test run is in sight, 902 and 605 auxiliary equipment will also closely follow the pace of synchronous operation. Before the construction, the manufacturer and relevant departments were contacted to obtain equipment installation, operation and maintenance data, and the material arrival plan was implemented. The materials not on site were also communicated with the storage department in time to find replacement materials. Among them, the train sliding line arrived at the island late. With the help of the electrical and instrument department, the material replacement work was completed early and the mobile equipment was powered on time. From the beginning to the end of the construction, special personnel were assigned to watch, study and record. Butterfly valve was omitted in the piping of oil-free air compressor. The workshop leader Wang Chundong immediately contacted the equipment department and supervised the rectification. At the moment, 902, 605 large and small factory buildings stand, water pipe, gas pipe, cable pipe installation work is also in full swing.


902 air compressor room


605 air compressor circulating water

At this time, in the third bid section, the beautiful scenery lines in view replaced the shade trees. In the scorching sun, with the long arms of excavators waving, engineering vehicles shuttling back and forth, and road rollers roaring, industrial civilization is brewing; drainage ditches are repeatedly excavated and dredged, slope protection in danger is repaired again and again, graders are all wheel driven, waiting for the rain to be sunny and the wind is warm; the workers write five steps and one foundation, ten steps and one structure with heavy hammers as pen, sweat as ink, and 100 tons The crane slowly opened, and the steel structure of the large and small tanks and thickener was hoisted with high efficiency and speed. After the electric light flint bloomed, the plant structure stood firm in the tight seam, and the pipelines were distributed scientifically like dragons and snakes.

Like 902 and 605, which are about to wait for equipment commissioning and operation, other sub items of the third bid are also striving for the quantity of works under the conditions of ensuring the project quality, controlling the construction period and implementing safety supervision. 205 equipment repair welding, platform steel structure installation; 206 tank wall plate lifting, thickener bridge ready to lift again, electrical personnel began to enter the site for construction; 207 motor group, mixing shaft installation, tank continued sand blasting derusting; 208 drive all hoisting completed, civil engineering is adding small foundation; 211 mixing and alignment work is completed, steel frame foundation is under construction; 212 Mars shooting, NaOH solution storage tank All the wall panels are assembled and the tank is about to drop; 213 plant construction is finished and the pump is about to land in place; 216 equipment and pipe materials are all on site waiting for piping; 218 foundation embedded parts are welded, and equipment installation will be transformed immediately; 011 and 013, as the rising stars, will also be a great civil engineering success.


205 neutralization and removal of iron and aluminum


206 dense separation of iron and aluminum


Precipitation of 207 nickel cobalt hydroxide


Preparation of 213 flocculant

The third bid project has a large scale and a long span time. The progress of each pile is indeed hard won. At the beginning of the project construction, the division of labor within the workshop was clear and the goal was clear. Some people were responsible for drawing arrangement, some were responsible for material follow-up, some were responsible for on-site records, some were good at sorting out forms, some were good at drawing pictures, some were coordinating and reporting work, and every corner was bustling and busy.

Every time the harvest of joy, there are three mark up and down personnel behind the silent work.

The workshop leader Cheng Dong checked the drawings and site construction, found that the pile foundation of sub item 011 was missing and reported to the workshop leader in time. After effective contact with Jinqiao company, he put the supplementary piling plan of phase II new pile foundation on the agenda early. Before the pouring of 218 foundation, the construction stopped abruptly because of the lagging supply of embedded bolts. Workshop director Wang Zhucheng cooperated with the technician of the construction unit to implement the drawings, and contacted Huang Hui, director of the machine repair workshop, to complete the material processing, making up for the construction constraints. According to the weekly and monthly plan submitted by the construction unit, which needs to be improved and modified, workshop director Wang Zhucheng immediately consulted with Baoye project department in time to ensure the rationality of the plan. Before the time node, Cheng Dong, Li Haijun, Yao Xiaowei and Nanyang strictly verified the project plan, which fundamentally eliminated the disputes between the personnel of both sides. In view of various complicated plans for the arrival of materials supplied by Party A, with the joint assistance of the equipment department, nickel sulfate project department and storage department, the workshop staff Liu Shaojing, Chen Xu and Zhao Guangming sorted out the supply information and on-site stacking points of equipment, pipelines, valves and fasteners in a timely manner, so that Baoye units can transport the materials to the site in the first time. With the preference of the project progress situation, the on-site drawing information system is becoming more and more huge. Workshop staff Wang Chundong and Zhang Chunhu copied the drawings in time, sorted out the sub items and specialties strictly, and reported to other staff in the workshop in time. Every time we look up the drawings, the amount of information quickly appears on paper, which is inseparable from their correct attitude towards work.

In order to construct the three bid project safely and efficiently, improve the safety awareness, humanistic quality and initiative of workers, the workshop leadership invited the technical backbone personnel to go to the grassroots level to preach the scheme and technical knowledge, and the project progress was changing with each passing day; in order to complete the infrastructure construction and equipment installation work with quality and quantity, the person in charge of the bid section cooperated with the supervision, equipment and engineering departments to jointly manage the project The training of new employees, workshop organization personnel fully familiar with the drawings, job assignment and responsibility, each show his ability, frequent communication, timely discovery and solution of problems, creating a good interpersonal atmosphere.

The optimization of workshop personnel allocation, the Contractor's reasonable construction scheme, the manufacturer's excellent technical team, the engineering department's mechanical scheduling rationalization, and the strict assessment of the equipment installation quality finally led to the formation of three standard large and small tanks, thickeners, water and electric units. In the same way, all departments of the company have been working together to explore, accumulate and explore the situation created 。

The three standards in front of us have formed the team spirit of resolute obedience to management, the courage to challenge the environment, determination to contribute themselves and tenacious struggle. We firmly believe that it will grow more and more under the tempering of follow-up projects, and become the new force of Liqin's operation and development.

Sasshuang work clothes with me, unique skills and heart smelting heavy equipment, will be the common aspiration of all post personnel of the third standard for the development of organization. I sincerely hope that the project will be completed as soon as possible, and the production will be transformed in time from the installation of equipment and electrical equipment. One belt, one road, and the other two countries along the way of "national and regional development" have been actively promoted by the sincere cooperation between the two countries.





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